Monday, December 26, 2011

Need Financial Support for 30 Children !!!

As a part of the project "Adopt A Mandal" ACO is looking for 30 sponsors to support Intermediate education for Rural SSC ZP High school children.

How can you contribute to "Adopt A Mandal" project?

Under Adopt A Mandal project, donors have an option to sponsor the education for one student or multiple students. It takes about Rs.15,000/- (Tuition & Hostel Fees) to sponsor a single student for their Intermediate education. Donors may also make contributions of any amount as they like, in which case their donations will be pooled with other donations to fund the project. Projects will be implemented in the name of all donors and all the details will be published on the ACOINDIA website.

You can download full details of the project here .. Download Project Details (Click on "Adopt A Mandal")

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Adopt A Mandal Project

Adopt A Mandal

ACO has launched "Adopt A Mandal" project successfully in Edapally mandal, Nizamabad district.

As a part of this project - ACO is going to support about 25 to 30 ZP High school SSC students for their intermediate education. We have already identified an intermediate college in Nizamabad (Saraswati Jr. College) which would be working in partnership with ACO. The college would provide all necessary discounts for the ACO students and will take special care about their studies. We've spoken to the founders / directors of this intermediate college and they promised the best they could do. We have also visited the college and spoken to the students and they are happy about the college - The collage has got good infrastructure and experienced faculty. Its very good to see that the college is providing free education for several bright students with rural background and they are in love with saraswati but not lakshmi.

Who all attended?
- Deputy DEO, Nizamabad
- MEO's of Edapally and Renjal
- All ZP High school gazetted Head Masters
- Some members of the Village Council
- ACO Members Eswar, Gurava, Narsimuloo and Prasad

Everybody promised their full co-operation in executing this project and we are happy about their commitment levels. Click Here to know more about this project

Photos of Launch - Adopt A Mandal in Edapally ...

All gazetted head masters & ACO Members during the launch

ACO Members, MEO and Deputy DEO at the meeting

Eswar, Founder of ACO addressing head masters at the launch

Narsimuloo, Project co-ordinator, Adopt A Mandal addressing at launch

Gurava, Co-founder ACO, addressing the gathering

Narsimuloo, explaining the concept of Adopt A Mandal Project

Deputy DEO, Nijamabad addressing head masters, Edapally Mandal

Team of ACO and District Educational team