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Need Financial Support for 30 Children !!!

As a part of the project "Adopt A Mandal" ACO is looking for 30 sponsors to support Intermediate education for Rural SSC ZP High school children.

How can you contribute to "Adopt A Mandal" project?

Under Adopt A Mandal project, donors have an option to sponsor the education for one student or multiple students. It takes about Rs.15,000/- (Tuition & Hostel Fees) to sponsor a single student for their Intermediate education. Donors may also make contributions of any amount as they like, in which case their donations will be pooled with other donations to fund the project. Projects will be implemented in the name of all donors and all the details will be published on the ACOINDIA website.

You can download full details of the project here .. Download Project Details (Click on "Adopt A Mandal")

Visit our website for more information

Adopt A Mandal Project

Adopt A Mandal

ACO has launched "Adopt A Mandal" project successfully in Edapally mandal, Nizamabad district.

As a part of this project - ACO is going to support about 25 to 30 ZP High school SSC students for their intermediate education. We have already identified an intermediate college in Nizamabad (Saraswati Jr. College) which would be working in partnership with ACO. The college would provide all necessary discounts for the ACO students and will take special care about their studies. We've spoken to the founders / directors of this intermediate college and they promised the best they could do. We have also visited the college and spoken to the students and they are happy about the college - The collage has got good infrastructure and experienced faculty. Its very good to see that the college is providing free education for several bright students with rural background and they are in love with saraswati but not lakshmi.

Who all attended?
- Deputy DEO, Nizamabad
- MEO's of Edapally and Renjal
- All ZP High school gazetted Head Masters
- Some members of the Village Council
- ACO Members Eswar, Gurava, Narsimuloo and Prasad

Everybody promised their full co-operation in executing this project and we are happy about their commitment levels. Click Here to know more about this project

Photos of Launch - Adopt A Mandal in Edapally ...

All gazetted head masters & ACO Members during the launch

ACO Members, MEO and Deputy DEO at the meeting

Eswar, Founder of ACO addressing head masters at the launch

Narsimuloo, Project co-ordinator, Adopt A Mandal addressing at launch

Gurava, Co-founder ACO, addressing the gathering

Narsimuloo, explaining the concept of Adopt A Mandal Project

Deputy DEO, Nijamabad addressing head masters, Edapally Mandal

Team of ACO and District Educational team

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ACO - Adopt Child Online - Sponsor a Child's Education

Adopt Child Online - Sponsor a child's Education.
Founder and President : Eswar Reddy Maruri
Founded On : Jan 04 2010 - Sir Isaac Newton's birthday

Transform a life by Sponsoring a Child's Education ...

"ACO (Adopt Child Online) is a non-profit, non-political organization run by Young and Energetic individuals. ACO is dedicated to enable impoverished children by providing education to them and training them into responsible citizens with intellect and wisdom."
     "ACO’s vision is to educate and empower India by supporting dreams of impoverished children with the help of people who share this common goal."
     We believe the Right to Education belongs to everyone, big or small, and as a group of committed individuals we want to ensure that dreams are not left unfulfilled. ACO will make this happen by acting as an interface between the supporting individuals and the children.
Strive to Educate and empower the less fortunate children of India.
     Imagine a nation with all its children educated. Imagine a nation with all hands helping to build it. Imagine a nation with a wealth of character - Be it our motherland India.

ACO Weekly Updates:

1st Week of Jan 2010

1) Created the website (
2) Finding Board Members
3) Prepared the content of this website
4) Designed the Logo - Gopi helped me in designing it - Thanks Gopi.
5) Shared this idea with people around me

2nd Week of Jan 2010

1) Bought new website and uploaded entire content from old site
2) Created Organization E-mail ID's for Board Members -
3) Added new pages to make website more meaningful
4) Created a new group for ACO India for an effective communication -
5) 7 Board Members were chosen and board is now active to form a society.
6) New experienced members were chosen : MJM Ramalinga Reddy and Konda Siva Rami Reddy.

3rd Week of Jan 2010

1) Brought the form (Document No. 1) from registrar office to register the society. Its filled with all the details and require signatures from all the executive members of the organization. I've couriered the form to Vijay who is in benguluru which will be sent to Gurava after he sign it. Once everyone signs it, It will come to me. I require two copies of all executive member identification proofs.
2) Once society is formed, opening a current account will remain.
3) By opening the account, organizational structure will be completed.
4) conference call will be followed to discuss about the progress on ACO Activities.
5) organizational structure is completed, We need to go to Guntur and visit some asramam's to chose the needy children with the help of Konda Siva Rami Reddy (Executive Member of ACO).

4th Week of Jan 2010 + Feb 1st Week Updates

=> On 31st January 2010, Aco team members attended Public consultation with Jairam Ramesh, Central Minister of Environment & Forests on Bt. Brinjal in support of Greenpeace organization to say No to "Bt" in general & "Bt. Brinjal" in specific. It was held at CRIDA (Central Research Institute of Dryland Agriculture), Santosh Nagar, Hyderabad. We together said NO to Bt. Brinjal.

=> On 1st of February 2010, ACO Members Eswar and Trivikram visited the below orphanage in Guntur to choose underprivileged children - for whom ACO will look for sponsors for their better education.

Visit for more information.

=> Updated website with lot of information. New pages added. -> Latest News -> Contact Page Updated -> 12 Children Information Updated

Feb Month Targets:

-> Conference Call - Tomorrow or the day after I will arrange the conference call / Please make yourself available.
-> Society Registration
-> Opening Current Account
-> Looking for sponsors for these 12 ACO children
-> Preparing Policies and Restriction on sponsoring a child
-> Adding Innovative content to the website
-> Vijay from ACO will be attending the Bangalore Public Consultation on Bt. Brinjal in support of Greenpeace organization.

Conference Call on Feb 06

Agenda Followed:

- Importance of the Day ACO started (Jan 04th 2010)
- Introduction of All ACO Board Members to each other
- ACO Progress so far
- Next course of action
- Improvements in the website
- Views on Adoption Policies and Restrictions
- Delegation of ACO Activities
- ACO Society formation and ACO Current account
- Views on Choosing students (ACO's)
- Information to be provided to Sponsor (Hard and Soft Copies)
- Challenges

I've taken full control over the call and spoken about ACO and its progress.

Informed all ACO Members that Jan month targets were met and the progress so far is very satisfactory.

Trivikram sent an e-mail to ACO India Group and informed the Minutes of meeting.

Feb 2nd Week Update

Welcome the following ACO Members / Sponsors : Elite Members of ACO:

Kartheeka Byrichetti
Dhana Lakshmi Veladi
Vara Prasad Namburi
Bhaskar Reddy.K
Swarna Latha Maruri

Elite members will be part of the organization and they will participate in all ACO Activities just like ACO Board members. They will also participate in monthy conference calls. I've already added them to ACO India Group. Guys, Once again - Thank you very much for your support. You all are part of ACO now and you can share your ideas, suggestions and opinions with no hesitation.

=> 7 ACO Children were chosen and 5 remaining. By month end we will try to look for sponsors for the remaining children.
=> I've spoken to Lead India 2020 founder Sudarshan Aacharya and explained about ACO activities. Soon we are going to work in collaboration with Lead India 2020. You can visit
=> I've spoken to Dr. Chelikani Rao, Founder of IFHD (International Foundation for Human Development) regarding ACO and its activities. Soon we are going to meet him to prepare ACO Policies and restrictions. He worked as a lawyer in Paris for 30 years. He is a key member of Loksatta. He is a great humanitarian.
=> ACO India welcomes the minister’s decision not to allow Bt brinjal to contaminate Indian agriculture. ACO members actively participated opposing Genetically Modified foods in India - during public consulation of Jairam Ramesh at CRIDA, Santosh Nagar. Its a success!

Feb 3rd week Targets
=> Un-expected delay in formation of society - Society Form is still in Guntur and it will come by tomorrow. Expecting this work to be completed by this weekend.
=> Opening ACO Current account in SBI Bank
=> Looking for sponsors for the remaining children.

Feb 3rd Week Update

Here is the Feb 3rd week update:

=> 9 children out of 12 children were chosen - Its a big achievement. We've found sponsors in 3 weeks.
=> Created organizational E-mail ID's for all the new ACO Members and added them to the ACO group. Sent out e-mail to everyone with their respective E-mail ID and Password.
=> Sent out e-mails to many people I worked with regarding ACO, requesting their opinions and suggestions.
=> Initiated Lead India training to all children adopted by ACO - MJM Ramalinga Reddy will co-ordinate with Lead India 2020 regarding the same. (Visit:
=> Speaking to several NGO representatives regarding collaboration of ACO.

Next Week Targets

-> Looking for sponsors for the remaining children (3 remaining)
-> ACO Society form reached me and society formation will be done next week with no further delay
-> ACO Current account opening will be done after society formation
-> Collecting money from sponsors and crediting in ACO Current Account - By April First Week money should be in ACO Account.
-> Promotion of ACO - Need your ideas, suggestions, views and opinions

Feb last week update:

=> Total 10 children were chosen out of 12 children (New Member: Subhash Chandra Bose - Trivikram's father)

=> Submitted ACO Form in AP Govt Registrar office and registration ID and Bylaws expected by end of this week - It costed Rs 1400/-

=> Updated ACO Team information with all ACO Members (New members are in ACO Elite Members category.

=> Met Sudarshan Aacharya (Founder of Lead India 2020 foundation) and Rao Chalasani (North South Foundation) personally and explained about ACO and its vision. They are impressed and shown interest in collaborating with ACO.

=> Spoken to few people abroad and requested their inputs for ACO

March First Week Targets

=> Opening ACO current account after receiving registration ID and bylaws from Govt. of AP.

=> Collecting money from sponsors and crediting in ACO Current account

=> Conference call in the weekend (Trivikram will take lead to organize the call), All members are expected to join.

1) Introduction of New ACO Members
2) ACO Progress so far
3) Ideas on ACO website development
4) Views and opinions on the ACO progress so far
5) Deligation of ACO responsibilities
6) Promotion of ACO India - Suggestions and Ideas
7) Lead India training for all ACO Children
8) Introducing Lead India and NSF activities and how they can help ACO Children.
9) Discussing about ACO News letter
10) New additions to the webisite

=> Preparation of policies and restrictions (Long pending) - Need to meet Dr. Chelikani Rao (Founder and President - International Foundation for Human Development or IFHD)

March 1st Week Update

Here is the March First Week update:

=> Gurava Reddy Maruri, ACO Executive Member (Team AgriSolutions) Enters into World Finals in GSVC Competition being Best in Social Impact Assessment Model. ACO Team Eswar Maruri, Trivikram Uppalapati and Srikrishna Joshi attended this 2 days competition conducted at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

Visit :

=> ACO Registration with Govt. of Andhrapradesh is complete. Received bylaws of the society also. This week we'll open the current account.

=> 11 children were chosen out of 12. Only one child left for adoption and we'll look for a sponsor by end of March.

=> Great work by ACO team so far (First phase of ACO is very successful and timely)

Next Week Targets

=> Conference call (Pending action)
=> Preparation of Policies and Restrictions (Pending action)
=> Opening of ACO current account
=> Collecting money from sponsors and depositing in ACO account

Congratulations Gurava and Team.

March 2nd week update:

=> I've met ACO Members Vijay Krishna Varma and Kiran Raj in Bangalore (We all went for a pleasure trip to Mudumalai and Bandipur forest area)

=> Spoken to the bank executive and collected documents from ICICI Bank to open the Society/Trust account (We've chosen ICICI to open the account as it has met all our requirements)

=> Documents again require signatures from all Society/Trust members and I'm going to send them to Vijay who is in bangalore - It may take a week or 10 days to complete the process.

=> Spoken to founder (Zubaida) and co-founders (Habib) of AYZH foundation ( who stood on top of GSVC Competition about the collaboration with ACO and they have shown interest. Co-founder of AYZH will be coming to India in summer and ACO members will meet him personally and talk about further proceedings.

Next Week Targets

Remain the same as last week targets.

March 3rd and 4th week update:

Here is the March 3rd and 4th week update:

=> All 12 children were chosen by sponsors. Phase I of ACO is complete. In other terms, We have spent Rs 2500/- (12 children benefited with Rs 2,50,000/- worth education which is almost 100 times of what we've spent). This is the pure conversion of wealth into an underprivileged education. This is a big achievement. All sponsors and ACO members are the creators.

=> All documents to open ACO trust account are submitted and account details will be shared to you all. The society account will be opened tommorrow.

=> I would like to thank each and every member of ACO for their self-less contribution.

=> ACO Executive Member Gurava Reddy will be flying to USA on April 19th to present his business plan AgriSolutions. Their competitors are Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Haas, London Business School etc., (Almost the world Top-10 B-schools).

See more information @

Next Week Targets

=> Every sponsor to deposit money in the trust account not later than April 15th
=> We will have a conference call sometime in next few weeks just before ACO children admit into school.
=> I am writing ACO Concept paper and would need testimonials from all ACO Members

ACO Weekly Update for April First and Second Week

=> ACO Trust account was opened, Details were shared through E-mail

=> ACO Pan card, Stamps received.

=> 2 more children were chosen by ACO and found sponsors. Thank you Vijay Bhaskar and Shiva Tunuguntla. With this, ACO is supporting total 14 children now. Its a great achievement. With in 3 months after starting ACO we are able to make difference.

=> Spoken to several people in Guntur to find out good schools for ACO Children.

=> New Advisers of ACO: Seetha Murthy garu (Principal, Silver Oaks School) and Sai Padma Murthy (Founder Global AID India - joined ACO Group.

=> Added more content to the ACO website (News Update section on the home page) and updated ACO News Page.

=> I am preparing ACO Concept Paper and would require all ACO Members testimonials. So far I've received only two. Please do it on priority.

=> Lovely contribution and support from all ACO Members. Its really inspiring to take forward these activities with greater pace.

=> Thank you Seetha Murthy garu for helping Gurava, ACO Executive member in preparing/editing AgriSolutions Business plan report

=> Gurava will be flying to USA for his world-wide finals on 19th of April - Flight Tickets, Business Plan presentation, Report are ready.

=> ACO Executive Members Vijay Krishna Varma, Charan and Trivkiram joined lunch at my home on Sunday - Spoken about ACO Progress so far.

Next Week Targets

=> Collecting money from all sponsors and deposit in ACO Trust Account

=> Finding good schools in Guntur for 12 ACO children

=> Finishing the next draft of ACO Concept Paper.

=> Conference call with all ACO Members after joining all ACO Children in schools.

=> Preparing an action plan to provide ACO Kit for all Sponsors. ACO Kit may contain a certificate, appreciation letter from ACO to the Sponsor - Let me know what else we could add to it.

Please shoot your opinions on ACO Progress so far and Furture ACO Activities. Your opinions matter.

Please visit the Adopt Child Online blog for any updates from day 1 ACO started:

Thank you very much for all your support and contribution.

Weekly update for 3rd and 4th week of April.

=> ACO Organizational Structure is complete. All children found sponsors. ACO PAN Card, ACO International Business Debit Card, ACO Current Account Check book received. Online Netbanking isn't activated yet. All these details will be updated in the website in the next few months.

=> Two ACO children Sri Priya and Shravani admitted in Vidyanjali High School yesterday. To know more about school, visit the website - Website is still under construction. ACO contributed for developing this website. I am taking care of adding the content, programs to the website.

=> All remaining children will be joined in school by end of this month.

=> All sponsors transferred money to ACO account as committed. We'll update the details of contribution after phase II (ACO Website development) is completed.

=> Spoken to various people/web designers to finish IInd phase as quickly as possible.

=> Website design/development is getting delayed as we are looking for some volunteers. We may have to find few donors who can contribute for ACO Website Development.

=> Gurava, ACO executive member represented India in Global Social Venture Competition held at California. He shared that it was a great experience - Also found one German Investor to implement his business plan AgriSolutions in India. "We Care Solar" won first prize in that competition.

=> We are going to implement super30 program in Andhra Pradesh from the year 2011 (Please find the attached document for details). Its going to be a prestigious project ACO is handling next year.

Next Week Targets

=> Finding web designers who can volunteer

=> Finding sponsors for ACO website development

=> Finalizing the schools in Guntur where ACO children will be admitted.

=> ACO Concept Paper Editing

=> Gathering Testimonials for ACO Concept Paper.

Here is the ACO updates for the month of May'10.
=> ACO members Swarna and Bhaskar got married. Congratulations Swarna and Bhaskar. ACO wishes you a very very happy married life.
=> ACO had chosen 4 more children. Details will be uploaded to the website very soon. It will make total 18 children ACO supports so far. Need to look for sponsors for 4 children.
=> Out of 14 children, 2 were already admitted in schools. Remaining 12 will be joined in schools before June 12. Schools will be open only after June 12th.
=> ACO Website development is going nowhere. If any ACO member is interested, we could assign him/her as a ACO Website Development Co-ordinator (Single point of contact) who will lead and co-ordinate all ACO web related work. All website requirements will be shared with him/her.
=> ACO is going to take up Super30 program in Andhra Pradesh from the year 2011. Visit the following links to know more about Super30 program.
I've created a group called and building a team. So far I, Gurava, Ramalinga Reddy, Dr. Srinivasa Rao (Shantha Biotech Chief of Business Development), Seetha Murthy (Silver Oaks Principal) and Hemalatha (Vidyanjal School founder and Principal) are part of it. Let me know if any of you are interested being part of this super30 program.
=> Gurava is working on ACO concept paper.
Next Month Targets

=> Looking for sponsors for newly identified children
=> Website Development Progress / Estimation of cost / Looking for Donors etc.,
=> Joining all children in schools
=> Editing ACO Concept Paper
=> Building a complete team for Super30 program in AP
Everyone, Great Work!